Naseem Shah is love, Indian girl go crazy

In Colombo, an Indian cricket enthusiast named Isha Shah, who had traveled from Mumbai to watch the India-Pakistan match, expressed her admiration for fast bowler Naseem Shah, both for his performance and his appearance. 

When speaking to the media, Isha complimented Naseem Shah’s skills and physical attributes, stating, “Naseem Shah is incredibly good-looking, a gift from God.”

She went on to mention that his videos were trending in India and emphasized that there’s nothing wrong with appreciating someone’s beauty. According to her, Pakistani players, including Naseem Shah, enjoy fame not only in India but also around the world.

Isha expressed her intention to return to the stadium to enjoy the match once more, and one of her colleagues had even requested a journalist to arrange a meeting between Isha and the fast bowler Shah.

Furthermore, Isha mentioned that while she appreciates all Pakistani players, Naseem Shah holds a special place as her favorite among them.

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