Shaheen Afridi’s wedding date revealed

Shaheen Shah Afridi, the prominent Pakistani fast bowler, is set to have his wedding ceremony with Ansha Afridi, the daughter of Shahid Afridi, later this month, following the conclusion of the Asia Cup 2023.

Currently participating in the Asia Cup, which concludes on September 17th, Shaheen’s wedding festivities are scheduled to begin on September 19th, with the Valima reception planned for September 21st in Islamabad. It’s worth noting that the families have yet to officially confirm the dates.

Back in April, during an interview with a private news channel, Shahid Afridi disclosed that Shaheen’s wedding celebrations would kick off in September this year.

Shaheen And Ansa Afridi
shaheen afridi engagement

Shaheen and Ansha had previously tied the knot earlier this year in Karachi. Following their Nikah ceremony, a reception was hosted, attended by fellow cricketers such as Babar Azam, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Naseem Shah, Shadab Khan, as well as squash legend Jahangir Khan.

The couple’s Mehndi function had taken place a day before the Nikah ceremony, and their engagement had occurred two years ago.

Shaheen, who is 23 years old, shared that he had been the one to initiate the idea of marrying Ansha. He modestly stated during an interview, “It was my marriage, so obviously, it was me who thought about marrying her.

He added, Shahid Afridi and my brother have been friends for a very long time, and our families are acquainted as well. So, my mother initiated the proposal, and both families agreed.”

Shaheen And Ansa
aqsa afridi engagement with shaheen

When asked about their initial meeting, Shaheen couldn’t pinpoint a specific moment since they had known each other for some time. He explained, “There wasn’t a formal ‘first meet-up’ per se. We used to visit each other’s homes. Whenever they’d come to our house, I’d see her around, and then we officially met at our Nikah.”

He also expressed his gratitude for having a life partner who appreciates and supports him, saying, “They say that you should always have a life partner that appreciates you, and thank God I have that. She doesn’t get involved much but has always supported me.”

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