AB de Villiers praises Babar Azam

Former South African cricketer AB de Villiers has expressed his deep admiration for Babar Azam in anticipation of the crucial India-Pakistan clash in the 2023 Asia Cup.

AB De Villiers, a cricket legend in his own right, did not hold back his praise for Azam, referring to him as one of the greatest players the cricketing world has ever seen.

In a discussion on his YouTube channel, De Villiers enthusiastically commended Azam, highlighting his significant role as a cornerstone of the Pakistan batting lineup. He emphasized that if India hopes to silence Pakistan’s batting order, dismissing Babar Azam early is crucial, as he serves as the linchpin in the middle-order, holding it together.

De Villiers further underscored Babar’s remarkable ability as a versatile batsman who consistently excels in all formats of the game. He also noted that Pakistan’s success in the Asia Cup and the 2023 World Cup would heavily rely on the 28-year-old’s performance, emphasizing the immense expectations placed on the talented cricketer’s shoulders.

“I first met Babar when he was quite young, and it became evident quickly that he was destined for greatness. He has consistently troubled bowling attacks worldwide across all formats. He is a phenomenal player, and Pakistan’s fortunes in the Asia Cup and, more importantly, in the upcoming World Cup will greatly depend on his form,” De Villiers concluded.

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