Pakistan Cricket Central Contracts delayed due to Asia Cup

Negotiations between Pakistan cricketers and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) regarding central contracts have been ongoing for an extended period. Despite months of discussions, there has been no official announcement.

The PCB has increased the payments in their offer, but the players are seeking greater flexibility in their commercial deals and a share of the revenue generated by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Initially, the PCB had intended to announce the central contracts before the Asia Cup, but this process has faced consistent delays. According to insider information, the new contracts couldn’t even be finalized before the match against Nepal.

Currently, both players and board officials have put the matter on hold. The players want to focus on their upcoming matches against India and other fixtures in the Asia Cup 2023.

An official from the PCB has clarified that there is no impasse in the central contract negotiations. The decision to provide the highest-ever payouts to players has already been made, and the players are content with this decision. An official announcement will be made once some outstanding administrative issues are resolved.

The official also emphasized the importance of keeping the focus on cricket for the time being. Additionally, players will continue to receive compensation based on their existing contracts until the new agreements are officially announced, with any outstanding obligations addressed at a later time.

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