Babar Azam Grateful for Kohli ahead of Asia Cup clash

Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, expressed his gratitude towards former Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, for the kind words of admiration he received. Babar, known for his graceful batting style and unwavering performance in various formats, couldn’t contain his joy when discussing Kohli’s compliments.

“It’s truly a wonderful feeling when someone shares such positive remarks. The comments from Virat Kohli make me immensely proud. It’s a moment of great satisfaction for me. Such praise boosts your confidence. He mentioned that during the 2019 World Cup, I approached him. At that time, he was at the pinnacle of his form, and he continues to excel even now. I believed it was an opportunity to learn from him. I gained valuable insights from our interactions back then. His guidance and explanations were invaluable. These experiences have been incredibly beneficial,” Babar expressed.

During this week, the official broadcasters of the Asia Cup 2023 released a video from 2022 where Virat Kohli showered accolades on the Pakistani captain. Kohli, a revered figure in international cricket, not only applauded Babar’s cricketing abilities but also praised his character.

“Right from the beginning, I noticed a deep sense of respect from him. That respect has remained constant. It’s remarkable, given that he’s arguably the finest batsman in the world across all formats. His consistency is remarkable. I’ve taken immense pleasure in watching his gameplay. He’s really coming into his own. His demeanor towards me hasn’t changed. Such individuals leave a lasting impact and serve as an inspiration to others,” Kohli articulated.

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