Ramiz wants Pakistan to drop Fakhar Zaman for India clash

Former cricketer turned commentator Ramiz Raja has pointed out a potential vulnerability in Pakistan’s batting lineup against India, singling out opener Fakhar Zaman as a concern. Ramiz expressed his thoughts on his YouTube channel, acknowledging Fakhar’s skill as an unconventional hitter while underlining the challenges posed when such a player loses form.

Ramiz highlighted, “The primary issue lies with Fakhar Zaman. He’s a unique striker, but when a player of his style experiences a dip in form, rectifying the situation becomes a complex task. Fakhar’s technique is bottom-handed, with a preference for leg-side shots. He has managed to succeed with this approach in the past.”

Emphasizing his point, the 61-year-old reiterated the team’s and Fakhar’s mutual interest in considering his exclusion from the upcoming India-Pakistan match. This recommendation stems from Fakhar’s recent performance against Afghanistan, where his struggles were evident. Ramiz felt that fielding him against India would be an unwarranted gamble.

“Having played three matches against Afghanistan with lackluster results, Fakhar’s confidence seems to be dwindling. His demeanor reflects this, and Pakistan requires a well-performing opening batsman. If Fakhar and Imam both fail to perform, it exacerbates the pressure. Pakistan needs to evaluate Fakhar’s situation. In my view, providing him a break would be prudent. This pause benefits both him and the team. Fakhar possesses talent, and Pakistan has afforded him opportunities. However, considering his current form, it’s unwise to risk his participation against India.”

The high-stakes match between Pakistan and India is scheduled for September 2 in Kandy. While Babar Azam’s team has commenced their Asia Cup journey with a victory against Nepal, India is set to face their arch-rivals on the forthcoming Saturday.

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