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Kane Williamson aims to return for the World Cup

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New Zealand’s captain, Kane Williamson, intends to participate in the warm-up matches leading up to the World Cup as he gradually returns to action following a six-month absence due to an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury sustained during the IPL in March.

According to ESPNcricinfo.com, Kane Williamson has been rehabilitating with the New Zealand team in England and reports that his progress is positive, although he still experiences some lingering discomfort.

Williamson emphasized the importance of making the most of the warm-up games, both personally and for the team. He expressed a strong desire to be actively involved in these matches, which precede their first competition game. His focus is on improving his running, fielding, and time in the middle with the bat.

While he acknowledges the challenge of increasing his workload as he continues his recovery, Williamson is optimistic about his recent progress and hopes it continues in that direction. He also mentioned the need to transition into game mode, which hasn’t been possible until now.

Williamson pointed out that certain difficulties remain, particularly in activities involving sprinting, slowing down, and changing direction. However, he views these challenges as part of the planned recovery process, and he remains focused on moving forward positively.

Regarding his fielding position, Williamson indicated that he is unlikely to field at slip due to his injury. He mentioned that he typically fields at mid-off, which will likely continue, as it suits him better than square of the wicket. Slip fielding might be an option if the team requires it, but he won’t be stationed there unless necessary.

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