Shaheen Afridi and Anusha Afridi’s mehndi ceremony

In Karachi, Pakistan, the farewell ceremony for Pakistan fast bowler Shaheen Afridi and Ansha Shahid, the daughter of former national team captain Shahid Afridi, is scheduled to take place today (Tuesday). The couple’s marriage, known as “nikah,” was officially conducted earlier this year.

Yesterday evening, a pre-wedding mehndi celebration was hosted at the Afridi residence, attended by close relatives and friends. The groom and his family also participated in this event.

The nikah ceremony was officiated by Maulana Abdul Sattar at the Zakaria Mosque in February of this year. Following the nikah, a reception was held, which was attended by notable figures from the world of cricket, including Babar Azam, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Naseem Shah, Shadab Khan, and squash legend Jahangir Khan. Asim Bajwa, the former director-general of the Inter-Services Public Relations, and Wasim Khan, the General Manager of the International Cricket Council, were also present at the event.

The couple had been engaged for two years before their marriage. Shaheen Afridi shared that he was the one who initially expressed his desire to marry Ansha. He mentioned that their families had known each other for a long time due to the friendship between his brother and Shahid Afridi. His mother took the initiative to propose the marriage, and both families agreed.

Shaheen And Ansa Afridi
shaheen afridi engagement

When asked about their first meeting, Shaheen Afridi couldn’t pinpoint a specific moment since they had known each other for some time. He stated that they used to visit each other’s homes, and their formal meeting took place during their nikah ceremony.

Shaheen expressed his gratitude for having a life partner who appreciates and supports him, even though she may not be directly involved in cricket.

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