Freelancers can now get a UAE Visa Online

In the realm of independent professionals searching for a United Arab Emirates (UAE) Visa, a momentous announcement from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) in the UAE shall prove to be profoundly advantageous. For freelancers harboring aspirations of obtaining a virtual work residence visa, the customary prerequisite of physical presence within the UAE during the application procedure has been effectively nullified. The application process now resides within the digital realm.

In light of this groundbreaking amendment, those with the ambition to engage in remote work from the UAE are now capable of consummating the application from their present geographical coordinates. The virtual work residence visa, valid for a singular year, denoting 365 days, can be subject to extension in accordance with the amended stipulations laid forth by the UAE Government. Aspiring visa petitioners may avail themselves of the ICP’s official website or the UAEICP’s intelligent application for their submissions. Upon the approval of the visa, the visa aspirant must embark upon UAE territory within 60 days to culminate the residence visa application process; neglecting this temporal constraint results in the annulment of the permit.

It is imperative to emphasize that the eligibility for the virtual work residence visa extends solely to applicants possessing a passport with a minimum validity of six months, along with a recent photographic representation and an extant health insurance policy. Nonetheless, the aspiring freelancer is mandated to present a bank statement demonstrating an annual earning of no less than Dh360,000 for the preceding biennium or the equivalent remuneration in any alternative currency. A month’s salary slip and a trifecta of consecutive monthly bank statements are requisites for the application dossier.

Should an aspirant fall short of the mandated requisites, the online application undergoes an automatic rejection process within 30 days. It is imperative to underscore that in the event of repeated refusals for identical reasons, the fee and financial guarantees are subject to reimbursement, providing that the ICP is the source of the decline.

The fiscal commitment for participation in the virtual working program stands at AED350 per applicant, and a comprehensive itinerary, inclusive of entry permits and related particulars, shall be disseminated to each applicant via electronic correspondence.

This pioneering policy enactment proffers a myriad of benefits for both labor force constituents and corporate entities. It furnishes individuals with heightened autonomy in dictating their occupational pursuits while concurrently affording companies a means to mitigate the hazards associated with workforce retention.

The minister cogently avers that this paradigm shift shall culminate in a tangible augmentation of productivity within the labor market, thereby enhancing the intrinsic value of the individual worker. The introduction of this pliable work authorization is poised to give rise to an anticipated influx of 24,000 employment opportunities by the year 2024, thereby enabling enterprises to cultivate and retain a more heterogeneous and dynamic workforce.

The UAE ardently aspires to lend support to this prevailing trend, with the objective of attracting a diverse labor force and augmenting its financial capital base through the auspices of an enabling legal framework.

You can apply for a UAE Freelance VISA here.

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