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Exploring the Diversity of Public Holidays Around the World

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Public holidays are an essential aspect of any nation’s cultural and societal identity. They offer a unique window into a country’s history, values, and traditions. The number of public holidays annually varies significantly from one country to another, reflecting the cultural, religious, and historical diversity of our world. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating array of public holidays in different countries and delve into the reasons behind these variations.

A Wide Spectrum of Public Holidays:

Public holidays serve various purposes, such as honoring historical events, religious observances, or celebrating cultural heritage. Let’s take a closer look at the number of public holidays in several countries:

  1. Nepal (35): Nepal leads the pack with 35 public holidays annually, reflecting its rich cultural and religious diversity.
  2. Myanmar (32): Myanmar closely follows, with 32 public holidays, many of which are rooted in Buddhist traditions.
  3. Iran (26): Iran’s 26 public holidays are a blend of Islamic and national commemorations.
  4. Sri Lanka (25): With 25 public holidays, Sri Lanka observes various Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian festivals.
  5. Bangladesh (22) and Egypt (22): Both Bangladesh and Egypt share 22 public holidays, showcasing their unique historical and religious legacies.
  6. India (21): India, known for its cultural diversity, observes 21 public holidays that include Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Sikh festivals.
  7. Argentina (19) and Lebanon (19): These countries celebrate 19 public holidays each, highlighting their respective cultural and historical milestones.
  8. Colombia (18) and Philippines (18): Colombia and the Philippines share 18 public holidays, reflecting their vibrant cultural and religious traditions.
  9. Iceland (16), Indonesia (16), Japan (16), Pakistan (16), Kazakhstan (16), and Thailand (16): These countries have 16 public holidays each, with Japan’s holidays deeply rooted in its history and culture.
  10. Austria (14), Chile (14), Denmark (14), Norway (14), South Korea (14), and Turkey (14): These countries observe 14 public holidays, which often include both national and religious celebrations.
  11. Venezuela (14): Venezuela also observes 14 public holidays, reflecting its mix of cultural and religious influences.
  12. Czechia (13), Finland (13), Poland (13), Spain (13): These countries have 13 public holidays, representing a balance between historical and cultural celebrations.
  13. Italy (12), Sweden (12), and Ukraine (12): With 12 public holidays, these countries prioritize historical and religious events.
  14. China (11), France (11), Netherlands (11), Russia (11), South Africa (11), and USA (11): These nations have 11 public holidays each, reflecting diverse cultural and historical backgrounds.
  15. Australia (10-13), Germany (10-13), Canada (10-13): These countries have varying numbers of public holidays, with some being determined at the regional level.
  16. Belgium (10), Estonia (10), and Ireland (10): These countries observe 10 public holidays, including a mix of national and religious events.
  17. Brazil (9-12) and Taiwan (9): Brazil’s public holidays range from 9 to 12 annually, while Taiwan observes 9.
  18. UK (8-10) and Mexico (8): The UK celebrates 8 to 10 public holidays, while Mexico observes 8.


The diversity in the number and nature of public holidays worldwide reflects the rich tapestry of human cultures, beliefs, and histories. These holidays play a vital role in defining a nation’s identity and providing its citizens with opportunities to come together in celebration, reflection, and remembrance. Whether it’s a religious festival, a historical milestone, or a cultural tradition, public holidays serve as a reminder of the unique heritage that makes each country special.

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