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ECP completes delimitation, issues initial report

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Islamabad took a significant step towards upcoming general elections as the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) released a preliminary report on the delimitation of constituencies based on the recent census. This means they are making progress in defining the boundaries of electoral districts.

According to an official statement from the ECP, you can check out the initial report and constituency maps on their website until October 26. If you’re a voter in a particular constituency and you have concerns about the delimitation, you can contact the ECP during this period. It’s important to note that only residents of the relevant constituency can raise objections, and they can’t do it through courier, post, or fax.

The ECP will review and make decisions on the objections between October 28 and November 26, as per their official communication. Additionally, district maps can be obtained from the ECP for a small fee.

The report explains that the delimitation process started after the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics published the final results of the 7th digital census on August 7. The ECP formed five delimitation committees to create draft proposals for constituency boundaries.

The report also outlines how the ECP determined the number of seats for the National and provincial assemblies. They divided the population by the total number of general seats, resulting in an average population per National Assembly seat. Similarly, for provincial assemblies, they divided the population by the total allocated seats.

In some cases, districts were combined to form a seat, particularly in Balochistan due to its unique circumstances, and in other provinces where necessary. The report also explains how the population of a district was divided by the quota per seat to determine its share.

In simple terms, the ECP is making progress in defining the boundaries for electoral districts based on the recent census, and they have a process in place to address objections from concerned voters.

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