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India: Mobile phone explosion in Nashik

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A bizarre incident came about in Nashik, Maharashtra, on Tuesday that left 3 human beings injured and prompted widespread harm. In the CIDCO Uttam Nagar location of Nashik, a mobile phone exploded internal a house at the same time as it turned into charging.

What made the situation even more uncommon changed into that there was a deodorant bottle right next to the cellphone, and due to the fact deodorant is extraordinarily flammable, it caught fireplace and contributed to a bigger explosion.

The explosion was so powerful that it not only shattered the windows and glass inside the house but also broke windows of nearby cars and neighboring houses. The three individuals who were seriously injured in the blast are currently receiving medical treatment, and the police have launched an investigation to understand the cause of this unusually strong explosion.

Videos of the house and the surrounding area reveal damaged furniture and windows covered in soot and ash. Typically, smartphone fires and explosions are attributed to battery issues.

Modern smartphones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which have a delicate balance between positive and negative electrodes. If these batteries are old or faulty, they can generate excessive heat, potentially leading to a volatile reaction that results in an explosion. The police are looking into whether this was indeed the cause of the explosion.

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