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Kapil Dev kidnapped? Gautam Gambhir shares video

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On Monday, September 25, a very short 0.07-second video became incredibly popular on the internet. The video showed someone who looked like the famous cricketer Kapil Dev being forcibly taken away by two people. In the video, this person had their hands tied and their mouth covered.

Gautam Gambhir, a cricketer who is now in politics, shared this video on a social media platform, possibly Twitter. He expressed concern for Kapil Dev’s well-being and asked if anyone else had seen the video. He also mentioned that he hoped it wasn’t really Kapil Dev and used a fingers-crossed emoji.

In the short clip, a person wearing a light blue t-shirt and checkered trousers was being carried away by two individuals who appeared to be up to no good. The person who resembled Kapil Dev had their hands tied behind their back and their mouth covered with a piece of cloth. They briefly turned their face towards the camera, looking very helpless, as the two people dragged them into a shabby-looking building.

Although there was no official statement about the video, many people on social media believed it might be a promotional stunt, similar to what had happened with cricket expert Harsha Bhogle last year.

Some people on the internet were upset about the video and criticized the advertising company for what they considered a poor attempt at promotion. They also expressed their worries and best wishes for Kapil Dev’s safety and well-being.

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