Hareem Shah’s husband missing

Prominent TikTok personality Hareem Shah has raised concerns about her husband, Bilal Shah’s, mysterious disappearance shortly after his arrival in Karachi from London last week.

In a video statement, the social media sensation alleged that her husband had been “abducted for unknown reasons.” However, Bilal’s family contends that he is being questioned in connection with Hareem’s social media posts.

Hareem and Bilal had traveled to London about two months ago, following Hareem’s legal dispute with fellow TikToker Sundal Khattak.

Bilal departed from London for Karachi eight days ago and went missing two days after arriving in Karachi, following a visit to a local bustling market, according to Hareem.

Sources in Karachi have reported that Bilal informed investigators that Hareem was not directly managing her Twitter account; instead, someone else was operating it with her permission.

Hareem shah explained, “Bilal and I were in London, and he traveled to Pakistan for some business matters. He was unlawfully abducted by unidentified individuals in plain clothes. We lodged a complaint with the local police station, but no one could provide any information regarding his apprehension. We have also filed a petition in court. Bilal has been taken away unlawfully.”

A petition has been submitted in the Sindh High Court (SHC) against the “unlawful detention” of Bilal, purportedly by law enforcement personnel.

Shahzadi Begum, in her petition, asserted that her son, Syed Bilal, had been apprehended by law enforcement personnel on August 27 in the Korangi area, and his whereabouts were unknown.

She claimed that the detainee’s wife, Hareem, is a social media activist, and her husband was apprehended due to her political expressions on social media.

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