Is Prince Harry’s affectionate nickname for Meghan Markle merely a public display of affection?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship is characterized by mutual respect and admiration. In the recently-released Heart of Invictus docu-series on Netflix, Prince Harry affectionately referred to Meghan with a special nickname, shedding light on their close bond.

During the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games in The Hague last year, Meghan, known for her role in Suits, introduced the founder of the Invictus Games for a speech. After her introduction, Prince Harry took the stage and addressed her with the words, “Thank you, my love.”

Dating expert Louella Alderson, speaking to The Mirror, explained that Harry’s use of this romantic pet name for Meghan is a way for him to openly express his respect and admiration for her. She also mentioned that such pet names can reflect the power dynamic within a couple, and in the case of Harry and Meghan, it might be a way for them to project intimacy even when facing challenges in their relationship.

Alderson pointed out that the couple’s use of pet names aligns with their extroverted personalities, as surveys have shown that 68% of extroverts use pet names in their relationships, compared to only 56% of introverts. This suggests that their public display of affection through pet names may be a genuine expression of their affection for each other or a reflection of their extroverted nature.

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