Noor Advises Mahira Khan To Revert Back To Allah

A few days ago, the talented Pakistani television and film actor Mahira Khan courageously opened up about her battle with mental illness, specifically severe depression.

In her candid revelation, she shared, “I was shattered, deeply engulfed in depression following a controversy over some pictures. I sought professional help and was diagnosed with manic depression. The doctor informed me that I had been grappling with this condition for six years already. Consequently, I’ve been on antidepressants for the past seven years.” Mahira Khan’s statement about her struggle with depression quickly gained widespread attention and became a topic of discussion across the town.

Renowned actress Noor Bukhari also commented on Mahira Khan’s video, which was shared on Galaxy Lollywood’s official Instagram page. Noor Bukhari suggested that Mahira Khan should turn to Allah for solace and offered her prayers for comfort. Her comment read, “Turn back to your Lord, Allah… When you experience such feelings, it’s essential for the soul to reconnect; it’s a moment to heed the call and change your path. May Allah alleviate your pain.”

However, Noor Bukhari’s comment has faced criticism from social media users, who argue that depression is a severe mental illness requiring proper medical treatment, and medications can be highly effective. They emphasize that individuals like Noor should acknowledge that depression is as serious as any physical ailment, often leading to tragic outcomes like suicide. Some even advise Noor to refrain from making such comments on social media, citing her tendency to offer harsh religious perspectives on others. Many have expressed that Noor cannot gauge Mahira Khan’s relationship with Allah, and perhaps Mahira’s connection with her faith is deeply personal and profound.

Noor Bukhari has also posted an explanation for her comment, revealing that she has personally experienced a similar situation in life and can empathize with Mahira Khan’s struggles.

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