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Prince Harry awkward date night with girlfriend

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Prince Harry made an urgent phone call to his cousin Princess Eugenie following a rather uncomfortable date. These close cousins have a strong bond, and Harry sought Eugenie’s assistance in navigating his romantic life.

With Eugenie’s guidance, Harry decided to go on a date with Cressida Bonas. Unfortunately, their second dinner together turned out to be quite painful for the Duke of Sussex as he made a social blunder. In his memoir, titled ‘Spare,’ Harry writes, “She turned away, I made another attempt on the way back, and we managed to connect somewhat awkwardly. It was an uncomfortable moment.”

Feeling discouraged, Harry reached out to his cousin to discuss the disastrous ending of the date. He recounted, “I told her that the date went well, but the ending was far from ideal.” Eugenie didn’t dispute his assessment; she had already spoken to Cressida about it. Eugenie sighed, acknowledging the awkwardness of the situation.

Despite the rocky start, Harry continued to date Cressida Bonas for two more years, until 2014.

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