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Britney Spears on 55-Hour Marriage Madness

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Britney Spears has finally decided to open up about her brief first marriage, which was swiftly annulled by her parents. In 2004, Britney tied the knot with her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, but the marriage lasted a mere 55 hours.

In an excerpt from her upcoming memoir, titled “The Woman in Me” and published by Time magazine, Britney candidly admitted, “Jason and I got quite drunk before we decided to get married.” She went on to clarify, “People have asked me if I loved him. Let me make it very clear: Jason and I were not in love.”

The renowned pop icon revealed, “I was just honestly very intoxicated and, in a broader sense, quite bored with life at that time.” She didn’t take the marriage seriously and considered it more of a lighthearted adventure. However, her family had a different perspective on the matter, with Britney stating, “They acted as if I’d start World War III.”

Interestingly, in a previous interview with Page Six, Jason made contradictory claims about their marriage, asserting that he was in love with her and adding, “I feel like she felt the same way.” He mentioned that he only agreed to sign the annulment papers because he hoped that Britney’s family would allow them to stay in touch. Unfortunately for Jason, Britney went on to marry Kevin Federline just months after the annulment of her previous marriage.

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