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Mahira Khan shares glimpses of her wedding

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Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan recently got married to her close friend and businessman, Salim Karim. She excitedly shared some special moments from their wedding day with her fans.

The intimate wedding ceremony happened on a Sunday and gave us a glimpse of Mahira Khan’s stunning bridal look through videos posted on social media.


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A post shared by Mahira Khan (@mahirahkhan)

In one of the videos, Mahira Khan affectionately referred to Salim as “My Shehzada,” expressing her love for her new husband. The video showcased snippets from their enchanting hillside wedding, surrounded by lush greenery.

In the footage, you can hear Salim speaking about Mahira’s spirituality, which has influenced him as well. The video begins with a beautifully shot clip of Mahira Khan as she makes her way down the aisle. She is accompanied by her son and brother, all dressed elegantly in silver-grey attire, with serene music playing in the background.


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A post shared by Mahira Khan (@mahirahkhan)

The video also captures moments from their nikah (wedding ceremony), where Mahira sits beside her son, wearing her veil and sharing smiles with Salim, who responds with a heartfelt “Yes.”

One of the most emotional moments in the video is when Mahira Khan and Salim unite, and he lifts her veil. This touching moment is followed by scenes of the bride and groom with tears of joy, as well as their friends and family who were present to celebrate their special day.


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A post shared by Mahira Khan (@mahirahkhan)

The video concludes with an aerial shot of the newlyweds dancing together on the dance floor.

In addition to the video, Mahira Khan also shared a stunning sun-kissed picture of herself with Salim, as well as a sweet close-up photo of the two of them together.

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