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Aima Baig tried to commit suicide

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In a heartfelt interview with host Rabia Mughni on Gup Shup, the well-known singer Aima Baig candidly discussed her personal battle with mental health issues and the extremely tough period she endured in her life.

Aima Baig bravely shared that she once attempted suicide when she was faced with accusations and online hatred related to her relationship. She also opened up about her struggle with arthritis and the online bullying she faced because of her medical condition. She emphasized the importance of seeking medical help and breaking the taboos around health issues, especially for women.

Aima Baig, known for her sensitive and kind-hearted nature, revealed her mental health struggle during a time when she was under intense scrutiny and facing a wave of online hatred.

Aima Baig disclosed, “I tried to take my own life. I didn’t want to go on living. Because, as the kind of person I am, I’m very sensitive and soft-hearted. It all happened during a silly scandal that not many people knew the full truth about.”

The constant trolling and negativity took a toll not only on Aima Baig but also on her family. She shared how deeply this affected her, even pushing her to contemplate ending her own life. She explained, “It wasn’t just me who was receiving all the hurtful comments and hate; it was my brother, my dad, my sisters. They were all there supporting me. They didn’t even have to say anything; I could see the pain in their eyes. Even my friends were suffering.”

Aima also talked about her experience of going on a religious pilgrimage, Umrah, during that difficult period, and how it changed her outlook and brought healing. She said, “I locked myself in my room during those days. I wouldn’t come out. Umrah happened during that time. It felt like I was being called. I was in my room, not even thinking about it. But my dad walked into my room one day and asked, ‘Would you like to go for Umrah?’ and I said ‘Yes.’ When I went there and performed Umrah, I felt like Allah wanted me to heal.”

In addition to her mental health struggles, Aima Bag openly discussed her battle with arthritis and the insensitivity she encountered from others. She shared the challenges she faced, including being ridiculed and humiliated during a public event due to her medical condition.

Aima Bag explained, “I have a finger that I can’t straighten out. I never paid much attention to it. Sometimes, people in the comments of my pictures ask, ‘What’s wrong with her finger?’ ‘Why is it folded?’ It’s actually not me; it’s because of arthritis.

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