Erica Robin crowned first-ever Miss Universe Pakistan

Erica Robin, a renowned beauty figure from Karachi, has achieved the remarkable distinction of being crowned “Miss Universe Pakistan 2023,” marking the very first time a Pakistani woman has claimed this prestigious title.

The competition featured four other accomplished models from various regions of Pakistan, including Hira Inam from Lahore, Jessical Wilson from Rawalpindi, Pakistani-American Malika Alvi from Pennsylvania, and Sabrina Wasim.

PHOTO: Instagram

Expressing her feelings upon winning the Miss Universe Pakistan title, Erica Robin conveyed her deep sense of honor and humility. She also emphasized her desire to showcase the captivating beauty of Pakistan.

Erica Robin passionately stated that Pakistan possesses a rich and captivating culture, often overlooked by the media. She further highlighted the warm-hearted and hospitable nature of the country’s people. In addition to this, she extended an open invitation to everyone to explore Pakistan, savor its delectable cuisine, and revel in its breathtaking natural landscapes, which encompass snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, and progressive urban environments.

As the official representative of Pakistan, Erica Robin is set to compete in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, scheduled to take place in El Salvador later this year.

This historic moment signifies Pakistan’s inaugural participation in the world’s most prestigious beauty competition, as the country will be sending a total of five models to compete on the global stage.

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