Financial crisis grounds PIA flights

In Karachi, numerous Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights faced cancellations on Tuesday due to a shortage of funds, as reported by ARY News, citing undisclosed sources.

According to these sources, several domestic flights to and from Karachi had to be canceled because the national flag carrier was unable to settle its dues with Pakistan State Oil (PSO) for fuel supply. Among the affected routes were flights between Karachi and Muscat, as well as round-trip domestic flights connecting Karachi to Faisalabad, Islamabad, and Lahore.

Additionally, flights from Karachi to Turbat, Bahawalpur, and Sukkur were suspended, according to information from airline insiders.

It was disclosed that the national flag carrier has formally requested the government to urgently provide the necessary funds.

Earlier reports had indicated that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) might be forced to ground more aircraft due to its ongoing financial crisis.

The impending suspension of flights hangs over PIA management, as they face the possibility of grounding an additional 15 planes if the airline fails to make the required payment within the next two days.

Sources within PIA have revealed that without these funds, flight operations may be seriously impacted, potentially leading to the grounding of over 30 aircraft.

Despite the airline’s pressing need for funds, the caretaker government has thus far declined to release the necessary finances.

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