Pakistan: weekly inflation rises by 0.96 percent

In Islamabad, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has released its weekly report, indicating a 0.96 percent increase in inflation as measured by the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the week ending on September 7.

According to PBS data, the SPI for this week stood at 279.87 points, up from 277.21 points in the previous week.

During this week, among the 51 items surveyed, the prices of 32 items rose, 5 items decreased, and 14 items remained unchanged. Some of the items that saw a decrease in their average prices on a week-on-week (WoW) basis included chicken (3.20%), 5-liter cooking oil (1.03%), 2.5 kg vegetable ghee (0.47%), tea packets (0.43%), and 1 kg vegetable ghee (0.14%).

On the other hand, several items experienced an increase in their average prices on a WoW basis, including tomatoes (17.00%), masoor pulses (10.87%), sugar (6.73%), garlic (4.66%), gur (3.62%), moong pulses (3.55%), onions (3.43%), and gram pulses (3.25%).

Additionally, non-food items like diesel (6.28%), LPG (5.19%), and petrol (5.12%) also witnessed price increases.

Regarding year-on-year (YoY) changes, some commodities saw a decrease in prices, such as tomatoes (34.77%), onions (23.44%), and electricity for q1 (21.96%). Conversely, on a YoY basis, several items experienced an increase in their average prices, including wheat flour (117.71%), gas charges for q1 (108.38%), sugar (107.36%), cigarettes (100.16%), rice basmati broken (90.66%), tea packets (88.41%), chili powder (86.05%), rice irri-6/9 (84.18%), gur (72.83%), gents sponge chappal (58.05%), gents sandals (53.37%), powdered salt (52.07%), powdered milk (42.45%), and bread (42.33%).

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