Sugar price reaches historic high

Sugar prices in the retail markets of Balochistan have surged to a historic high of Rs220 per kg.

This significant increase of Rs20 per kg occurred abruptly, pushing the commodity’s wholesale price in the province to Rs210 per kg. Additionally, a 50-kg sack of sugar has reached a price of Rs10,500, according to market sources.

Dealers attribute this price hike to the suspension of sugar supply due to vehicles being stranded on national highways following permit suspensions. This unexpected surge in sugar prices has compounded the hardships faced by the populace, who are already grappling with inflation.

Initial reports suggested that the Ministry of Commerce and Industries had dismissed the notion of a sugar shortage in Pakistan. This clarification was issued in response to claims that Pakistan was exploring sugar imports from Brazil. Ministry sources emphasized that Pakistan currently maintains a sufficient sugar stockpile of over 2 million metric tons, which is expected to meet the country’s needs until December.

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