Train ticket prices increased yet again

In a move that could have financial repercussions for both passengers and shippers, Pakistan Railways has announced a five percent increase in fares for all passenger train tickets. This decision, the second fare hike in a month, will take effect starting from September 2.

The rationale behind this fare increase is the escalating costs of diesel, which railway officials say have been transferred to passengers as a result. With this recent adjustment, the overall cost of rail travel has surged by a significant 15 percent in just a few weeks, leaving commuters and businesses to grapple with the financial consequences of these successive fare hikes.

The five percent price hike on passenger train tickets is expected to affect travelers across the country, particularly those who depend on trains for their daily commutes and both work and leisure travel.

Additionally, the five percent increase in tariffs for booking parcels and goods may present challenges for businesses and traders who rely on Pakistan Railways for transporting their merchandise. This added financial burden has the potential to influence the pricing of goods and services, ultimately impacting consumers.

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