Shell Pakistan promotes refueling safety

Shell Pakistan Limited (Shell) has stepped forward as a pioneer in advocating for fueling safety among motorbike and rickshaw operators.

The company introduced a campaign named “Ehtiyaat Bunay Hifazat” (which translates to “precaution means preservation”) with the goal of increasing awareness about the dangers of remaining seated on a motorcycle or rickshaw while refilling fuel.

This marked the first instance in Pakistan where a corporation initiated a campaign specifically focused on enhancing refueling safety for motorbike and rickshaw users. This campaign held significant importance considering the estimated 26 million motorcycles and rickshaws in Pakistan, many of which require frequent refueling.

The campaign encompassed various safety messages, including a televised commercial and educational materials distributed at petrol stations and public venues like shopping centers, universities, and dhaabas. The educational materials emphasized four straightforward steps introduced by Shell to ensure safe refueling: turning off the engine, disembarking from the vehicle, taking a few steps back, and ensuring personal safety.

In addition to employing digital and print media for communication, Shell also utilized experiential communication methods to target a wider audience and create a more substantial impact. Shell deployed a safety convoy, which included town tours and safety buses, to disseminate the safety message to the masses.

Shell’s commitment to enhancing safety, both in the workplace and within the community, is evident. This practice substantially reduces exposure to gasoline vapors during refueling, minimizes the risk of injuries, and allows individuals to react promptly in the event of an incident. By elevating awareness regarding the hazards associated with remaining seated while refueling, Shell is contributing to making Pakistan a safer place for everyone.

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