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Latest Prices for Honda CG 125 and CG 125s Golden Edition in Pakistan

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The iconic Honda CG 125 motorcycle continues to be a dominant force in the Pakistani motorcycle market, even in the face of a significant price increase. Atlas Honda, the local subsidiary of the renowned Japanese automotive giant, has managed to captivate riders with this bike’s aggressive looks, powerful performance, and its distinct thumping engine sound.

The 2024 Honda CG a hundred twenty five has undergone a few minor facelifts over the years, but the latest version introduces several first rate enhancements. These improvements encompass a better compression ratio, a redesigned carburetor for stepped forward airflow, upgraded pistons, a refreshed crank-shaft meeting, and reworked head and cylinder components.

Furthermore, this version functions a brand new equipment-oil pump pressure, revised tools timing power, combustion chamber enhancements, and strengthened engine mounting factors, all contributing to a smoother and extra efficient overall performance.

For those interested in the pricing details, the 2024 Honda CG 125 is now available at a price of Rs234,900. If you’re looking for a more exclusive edition, the Honda CG 125s Golden Edition is priced at Rs292,900.

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