The value of the dollar continues to rise

The value of the dollar continues to rise, experiencing yet another increase.

In the interbank trading on Tuesday, the Pakistan rupee faced a decline of Rs 1.06 against the United States dollar, closing at Rs 303.05 compared to the previous day’s closure at Rs 301.99. Meanwhile, as reported by the Forex Association of Pakistan (FAP), the open market saw the buying and selling rates of the dollar at Rs 319.5 and Rs 322.5 respectively.

The Euro’s price witnessed an increase of Rs 1.41 paisa, reaching a closing value of Rs 327.56, compared to the previous day’s Rs 326.15, as confirmed by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). While the Japanese Yen remained stable at Rs 2.06, the British Pound experienced a rise of Rs 2.43, trading at Rs 382.10 compared to the previous close of Rs 379.67.

Furthermore, the exchange rate of the Emirates Dirham and the Saudi Riyal each increased by 29 paisa, concluding at Rs 82.51 and Rs 80.78 respectively.

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