A strong earthquake in Morocco, More than 600 people dead

The news is very tragic that a devastating earthquake has struck Morocco, leading to a minor apocalypse. More than 600 people have lost their lives, and over 150 are injured in this natural disaster.

According to international news agencies, the intensity of the destructive earthquake in Morocco has been recorded at 6.8 on the Richter scale, causing buildings to shake, and hundreds of people to be trapped under rubble. According to authorities, historic buildings in the region have turned into piles of rubble. Initial reports suggest that the number of casualties is over 600, with more than 150 people injured. Relief efforts have been initiated in the affected areas after the earthquake, but the transportation system has been severely affected. Due to power outages, some areas are in darkness, leading frightened residents to spend the night in open spaces and on roads.

According to the American Geological Survey, the severe earthquake occurred in the Atlas Mountains region of Morocco, located 75 kilometers south-southwest of Marrakech. The earthquake had a depth of 18.5 kilometers underground. Aftershocks are ongoing following the earthquake.

On the other hand, neighboring country Algeria also experienced tremors from the earthquake.

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