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Miss Universe Pakistan Erica Robin Shines in Miss Universe 2023 Swimsuit Contest

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Miss Universe Pakistan

Pakistani beauty queen Erica Robin has truly captivated the audience at the Miss Universe 2023 pageant, leaving a lasting impression with her stunning presence and eye-catching costumes. 

In the swimsuit catwalk, she donned a gorgeous kaftan designed by Rubin Singer in collaboration with the Miss Universe Organization, and the good news is that fans can actually purchase this piece of glamour for themselves.

During the Miss Universe Evening Gown Competition, Erica Robin looked absolutely enchanting in a one-of-a-kind sparkly evening gown that earned her admiration from the audience. The gown was a true showstopper, showcasing her elegance and style.

For the national costume segment of the pageant, Erica chose a beautiful outfit named “Pehchaan,” meaning “identity” in English, designed by Khaadi.

The outfit is not only a style announcement; it incorporates a meaningful message. Erica goals to rejoice the range of Pakistan’s culture, records, and lifestyle, conveying the subject matter of “cohesion in diversity by means of celebrating its own identity.” Her thoughtful desire of attire reflects a deeper connection to her roots and a preference to exhibit the richness of her usa’s historical past on the global stage.

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