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Donald Trump’s wife cheated on him with a singer

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Former President Donald Trump’s romantic records has continually been a captivating story, from his well-known courting with Marla Maples to the rumors surrounding Stormy Daniels.

A revealing detail from an old FBI file, released in 2019, sheds light on a love triangle involving Donald Trump, Maples, and singer Michael Bolton during a brief separation.

Maples, residing in the Trump Parc condo building, reportedly invited Bolton to her room while Trump was away on the West Coast. Trump, upon learning of the situation, openly discussed it with Vanity Fair in 1994. 

Admitting to leaving Maples, he expressed discontent when she started a relationship with Bolton, stating, “I left her. I left her like a dog,” granting Maples the freedom to pursue a relationship with Bolton.

Despite leaving Maples, Trump, known for his competitive nature, was not keen on the idea of losing. He remarked, “A guy like me, a competitive guy, it’s like an affirmation that the girl has to be great because the No. 1 singer has fallen for her.” Consequently, Trump convinced Maples to return, leading to their eventual marriage in 1993.

The FBI files surfaced at some stage in a criminal case related to Maples’ former publicist, Chuck Jones. Jones not only disclosed details about an alleged affair between Maples and Trump’s bodyguard, Spencer Wagner, in 1996 but also admitted to taking nude photos and shoes from his client.

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