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Petrol price likely to increase in Pakistan

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Petrol price

Starting November 16, there’s a looming possibility of a surge in petrol prices in Pakistan, even as international markets show a decrease in petroleum product rates.

Despite the global decline and a strong dollar, it’s anticipated that petrol prices might go up by Rs 3 per liter over the next 15 days.

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On the flip side, users of high-speed diesel could see relief with a potential decrease of up to Rs 8.50 starting November 16. Kerosene prices are also expected to drop by Rs 5.5 per liter during this period, while light diesel oil might experience a reduction of Rs 8.5 per liter.

Sources reveal that on November 1, the ex-refinery price of petrol stood at Rs 199.16 and is projected to increase to Rs 202.34 by November 15.

In contrast, the ex-refinery price of high-speed diesel on November 1 was Rs 225.72, and it is expected to decrease to Rs 217.52 by November 15.The differences in ex-refinery prices suggest that diesel might become more affordable, while petrol could become more expensive.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) is slated to release the details on petroleum product prices on November 15, and the government is likely to make a decision on whether to maintain the current prices of these products.

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