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Electricity prices to go up by up to Rs1.7 per unit

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The government is gearing up to hit electricity consumers struggling with poverty with another blow as it considers raising the electricity cost by up to Rs1.70 per unit in the upcoming quarterly adjustment.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is currently reviewing a plea from distribution companies regarding adjustments for the period of July to September, and this increase is expected to affect consumers nationwide, including those in Karachi.

Distribution companies are seeking this hike for the first quarter of the current financial year, and if approved, it will impose an additional burden of Rs22.9 billion on consumers.

NEPRA officials indicate that the collection of this increase will be reflected in the bills for December, January, and February, resulting in a rise of Rs1.25 per unit in the power tariff.

A NEPRA case officer revealed that electricity purchase decreased by 9% in July, August, and September, with distribution companies acquiring 38 billion units instead of the anticipated 42 billion units.

The final decision on the proposed price hike will be made by NEPRA after a thorough review of the application.

According to the shared plan, the additional funds are expected to cover various aspects, including over Rs12.126 million for capacity charges, Rs10.247 million for use of system charges, Rs4.617 billion for operation and maintenance, and Rs6.61 billion for losses incurred.

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