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iPhone 15 Prices in Pakistan – PTA tax update

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iPhone 15

Apple recently unveiled its highly anticipated iPhone 15 series, bringing a slew of premium enhancements and innovative features to its flagship smartphones.

The iPhone 15, with its 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display, promises a visual feast with vibrant colors and sharp contrast.

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The A17 Pro chip under the hood ensures seamless and lag-free performance, positioning it as a standout in the smartphone market.

However, despite the global recognition of these devices as premium, the price tag in Pakistan takes it to another level. Potential buyers looking to acquire an iPhone 15 from abroad must consider the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) tax requirement for registration.

Here’s a breakdown of the iPhone 15 series prices in Pakistan and the corresponding PTA tax for registration:

iPhone 15

128 GB: PKR 236,000

256 GB: PKR 265,500

512 GB: PKR 324,600

PTA Tax on Passport: Rs107,325

PTA Tax on CNIC: Rs130,700

iPhone 15 Plus

128 GB: PKR 265,500

256 GB: PKR 295,000

512 GB: PKR 354,000

PTA Tax on Passport: Rs113,075

PTA Tax on CNIC: Rs137,000

iPhone 15 Pro

128 GB: PKR 295,000

256 GB: PKR 324,600

512 GB: PKR 383,700

PTA Tax on Passport: Rs112,275

PTA Tax on CNIC: Rs147,150

iPhone 15 Pro Max

128 GB: PKR 354,100

256 GB: PKR 383,700

512 GB: PKR 442,700

PTA Tax on Passport: Rs131,130

PTA Tax on CNIC: Rs156,900

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