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TikTok removes 10.4 million videos in Pakistan

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TikTok, the popular short-video social media platform, has revealed that it removed more than 10.4 million videos from its platform in the second quarter of 2023 due to violations of its community guidelines. This information comes from TikTok’s latest report on its efforts to maintain a safe and inclusive online environment.

In this report, TikTok emphasized its commitment to combating misinformation and ensuring user safety. It mentioned that in Pakistan, 83.6% of the videos that violated guidelines were removed before anyone could view them, and approximately 92.5% were taken down within a day. The proactive removal rate for this period was an impressive 98.6%.

On a global scale, TikTok also took action against accounts suspected to belong to users under the age of 13, removing 18,823,040 such accounts to prioritize the safety of young users. This report underscores TikTok’s ongoing dedication to building trust through accountability and ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for its community.

During the second quarter of 2023, TikTok removed a total of 106,476,032 videos globally, which represents about 0.7% of all the videos uploaded to the platform. Out of these, 66,440,775 videos were removed through automated systems, while 6,750,002 videos were restored after manual review.

These policies are meant to apply consistently to everyone and all types of content. TikTok achieves this through a combination of advanced technology and human review to identify and take action against content that violates these guidelines.

The regular release of these community guidelines enforcement reports offers insights into the volume and nature of removed content and accounts, ensuring transparency in TikTok’s efforts to maintain a positive online community.

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