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Lack of Sleep for Less Than Five Hours Increases Depression Risk, Study Finds

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London: A recent study has revealed that getting less than five hours of sleep on an average night can increase the risk of depression. While it has long been known that poor mental health is often linked to sleep issues, researchers now have data confirming the connection.

According to a study conducted at the University College London, individuals who consistently get less than five hours of sleep are more likely to experience a decline in their mental well-being.

The head of the research, author Odessa Hamilton, stated that the relationship between reduced sleep duration and depression is akin to the classic debate of the chicken and the egg. These conditions often occur together, but it remains unclear which one precedes the other.

Researchers analyzed genetic and health data from 7,146 individuals from the 1960s. The study focused on the genetic characteristics of these participants. In recent years, sleep experts have discovered a unique set of DNA that links people’s sleep duration.

The results of the study indicate that those individuals who underwent genetic changes due to sleeping less than five hours had 2.5 times higher chances of experiencing depression within the next four to twelve years.

This research sheds light on the complex relationship between sleep and mental health, emphasizing the importance of ensuring an adequate amount of sleep to maintain overall well-being and reduce the risk of depression.

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