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Pakistan can still qualify for the semi-finals: here’s how

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Pakistan’s chances of reaching the semi-finals in the Cricket World Cup are hanging by a thread after their disappointing eight-wicket loss to Afghanistan.

This defeat marks their third consecutive setback in the tournament, following two initial victories. As a result, they now have four points from five matches and are currently in fifth place.

Meanwhile, India appears to be well on their way to qualifying, boasting ten points from five wins.

However, Pakistan’s path to the semi-finals is looking increasingly challenging. To qualify for the semi-finals, Pakistan needs to win the remaining matches. Even then, they’ll have a maximum of 12 points, which might not be enough if New Zealand wins two of their upcoming four matches.

Moreover, Pakistan’s qualification hopes are closely tied to net run rate. If Australia loses just one of their remaining games, the equation will come down to this net run rate, and Pakistan’s best chance will be to secure victories by significant margins. Realistically, Pakistan is in a tight race with Australia for the fourth qualifying position.

To stay in contention, Pakistan not only has to win all their matches but also rely on outcomes from teams above them while keeping a close eye on their net run rate.

Their path to qualification necessitates winning all their matches, hoping for favorable results from teams above them, and being vigilant about their net run rate.

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