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Cummins hits back at Indian journalist for misleading question about Rizwan

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During a pre-match press conference ahead of the World Cup cricket match between Pakistan and Australia, the atmosphere took an unexpected turn.

An Indian journalist asked Australian captain Pat Cummins about a social media post by Pakistan’s wicketkeeper-batter, Mohammad Rizwan. Rizwan had dedicated Pakistan’s victory over Sri Lanka to the oppressed Palestinians in a post on a social media platform referred to as ‘X.’

However, the journalist misquoted the post, calling it ‘controversial’ and falsely accusing Rizwan of dedicating the win to Hamas, a militant organization. The journalist also questioned whether such comments had a place in cricket and if it amounted to politicization.

Pat Cummins responded to this rather convoluted question with a measured reply. He admitted that he only understood part of the question but expressed his appreciation for sportspeople showing their personalities. He didn’t take a strong stance on the issue either way.

Following this incident, many Pakistan cricketers expressed their support for the Palestinian cause by posting the Palestine flag on their social media accounts on ‘X.’ This gesture showed their solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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