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Farukh Habib Joins Pakistan Estihkam Party (PEP)

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Islamabad: Farukh Habib, a prominent figure within the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has announced his departure from the party during a press conference in Islamabad and revealed his new affiliation with the Pakistan Estihkam Party (PEP). This move comes as Habib expressed dissatisfaction with the current leadership of the PTI.

In a surprising turn of events, Farukh Habib, a key player in the PTI, has chosen to part ways with the party, citing his concerns about the current PTI leadership. Speaking at the press conference, he conveyed his decision to join the Pakistan Estihkam Party (PEP) and underlined the need for a change in his political allegiance.

Addressing the media in Islamabad, Farukh Habib stated that Chairman PTI, Imran Khan, had a substantial three-year opportunity to lead the government but was subsequently removed from power through a constitutional no-confidence vote. He criticized Khan for adopting a path of violent resistance instead of pursuing peaceful means.

“Rather than pursuing a peaceful approach, Chairman PTI opted for the path of violent resistance,” Habib remarked, referring to the events of May 9, which he deemed regrettable. He continued, “We distanced ourselves from our homes that day, and what occurred on May 9 was a grave mistake.”

Farukh Habib’s unexpected departure from the PTI raises questions about the party’s unity and the factors leading to the shift in his political allegiance. This development has sparked discussions within the political circles of Pakistan, particularly given Habib’s influential position within the PTI.

Habib’s decision to join the PEP may have implications for Pakistan’s political landscape, and it remains to be seen how this move will influence future political developments and party dynamics. As political developments continue to unfold, Pakistan’s political landscape appears poised for further shifts and realignments.

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