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Former Captain Shoaib Malik Calls for Babar Azam’s Resignation Following India’s Crushing Victory in ICC World Cup

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Karachi, Pakistan – In a surprising turn of events, former captain Shoaib Malik has demanded that Babar Azam step down from his role as the captain of the Pakistan cricket team following a dismal performance against India in the ICC World Cup.

Speaking on a local TV channel, Shoaib Malik expressed his concerns about Babar Azam’s leadership, suggesting that Azam should relinquish his captaincy and focus on improving his own performance as a player. Malik emphasized that he had previously voiced similar opinions about Azam’s captaincy, and it was high time for Azam to consider stepping down for the betterment of the team.

Shoaib Malik commented, “In the past, I have also said that Babar Azam should give up the captaincy. He does not think as an out-of-the-box captain. He is continuously captaining, but he is not delivering as a player. However, he has the potential to do a lot for Pakistan as a player.”

The call for Azam’s resignation comes after Pakistan’s crushing defeat against India in the recent match, where Pakistan was bowled out for a mere 155 runs while chasing a target of 191 set by India. Pakistan’s national team struggled to hold on to their wickets, losing eight wickets for just 36 runs, as India secured a comfortable victory by seven wickets.

Notably, former cricketer Azhar Ali had previously criticized Azam and Rizwan for their defensive batting approach during the middle overs against India, suggesting that Pakistan needed to attack more aggressively. However, the duo’s defensive approach allowed Indian bowlers to make crucial breakthroughs and put the Pakistani batsmen on the backfoot.

It is evident that Azam’s captaincy has come under scrutiny, with several former cricketers, including Gautam Gambhir, a former Indian opener, expressing doubts about his leadership. These cricketers argue that Azam’s captaincy style, characterized by a more defensive approach, has led to multiple losses for the Pakistani team.

As the debate surrounding Babar Azam’s captaincy intensifies, it remains to be seen how the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will respond to the growing calls for change in leadership. The disappointing loss to India has only exacerbated the concerns and demands for a new direction in Pakistan’s cricket team, putting additional pressure on the captain and the team management.

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