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UK and Ireland Named Hosts of UEFA Euro 2028, Italy and Turkey to Co-host Euro 2032

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In an exhilarating turn of events, the United Kingdom and Ireland have been officially designated as the host nations for the UEFA European Football Championship in 2028. In addition, Italy and Turkey have been chosen to jointly host the Euro 2032 tournament, marking a new era for European football.

This monumental decision was announced today by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), following a rigorous selection process that considered numerous factors, including infrastructure, facilities, and the enthusiasm of the host countries.

The history of UEFA Euro hosts dates back to 1960 when France was selected as the inaugural host. Since then, the championship has seen a rotating roster of host nations. The latest decision for Euro 2028 and Euro 2032 will maintain this tradition of shared responsibility.

The sequence of hosts leading up to this remarkable development includes:

  • 1960: France
  • 1964: Spain
  • 1968: Italy
  • 1972: Belgium
  • 1976: Yugoslavia
  • 1980: Italy
  • 1984: France
  • 1988: West Germany
  • 1992: Sweden
  • 1996: England
  • 2000: Belgium and the Netherlands
  • 2004: Portugal
  • 2008: Austria and Switzerland
  • 2012: Poland and Ukraine
  • 2016: France
  • 2020: Pan-European host cities (Azerbaijan, Denmark, England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain)
  • 2024: Germany
  • 2028: UK and Ireland
  • 2032: Italy and Turkey

The selection of the United Kingdom and Ireland for Euro 2028 was met with immense excitement from football fans across both nations and indeed around the world. The two countries boast a rich footballing heritage and world-class stadiums, making them ideal hosts for the prestigious tournament. The decision to award Euro 2028 to these nations reflects their commitment to fostering the spirit of unity and celebration that the competition embodies.

Additionally, the co-hosting arrangement for Euro 2032 between Italy and Turkey has ignited intrigue and anticipation among football enthusiasts. Both countries have a long-standing passion for the beautiful game, and this joint effort is expected to result in a truly unforgettable tournament.

UEFA President, Aleksander ฤŒeferin, commented on the selections: “The UEFA Euro Championship is a symbol of unity, diversity, and passion for football. It’s an honor to announce the United Kingdom and Ireland as the hosts for Euro 2028, and we look forward to witnessing their incredible preparations. Italy and Turkey’s joint hosting of Euro 2032 is equally exciting and showcases our commitment to bringing football to every corner of Europe.”

Preparations for both tournaments will begin in earnest, with a focus on ensuring the best possible experience for fans, teams, and all involved. These selections mark the continuation of a tradition that has helped bring Europe together through the love of football, and football fans worldwide can look forward to two thrilling and memorable competitions in the coming years.

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