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Israel-Hamas war: Israeli air raids continue on Ghaza

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Israeli air raids on the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza have resulted in the deaths and injuries of many Palestinians, as reported by the Palestinian health ministry and the official news agency WAFA.

These air raids are part of a series of Israeli bombardments on Gaza that have claimed the lives of at least 493 Palestinians since Saturday.

The Israeli airstrikes in Gaza were in response to a multi-front attack launched by Hamas fighters from the Strip, which resulted in casualties and the capture of several individuals as hostages.

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In the Jabalia refugee camp, located in northern Gaza, heartbreaking scenes unfolded as people climbed onto a collapsed building to rescue the lifeless body of an infant from the rubble.

This tragic incident left many dead and injured, according to reports from the territory’s health ministry and WAFA.

Ambulances rushed to the scene, and clinic employees quickly attended the wounded. Inside the hospital, a distraught man grieved beside the covered body of his nephew, expressing his sorrow through a mixture of screams and gestures of despair.

Funeral processions took place throughout the streets of Gaza, with one in Rafah, in the southern part of the territory, where mourners solemnly followed a body carried on a bier, with Palestinian and Hamas flags held high in the background.

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