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Palestinian Resistance Organizations Launch Operation Al-Aqsa Tempest: 250 Casualties and Over 1,100 Injured in Israel

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In the wake of escalating tensions in the occupied city of Jerusalem, Palestinian resistance organizations, including the dominant Hamas in Gaza, have initiated Operation Al-Aqsa Tempest with a significant attack on Israel. As a result of this operation, a minimum of 250 casualties and over 1,100 injuries have been reported, raising concerns about a potential increase in the death toll and the number of wounded individuals.

Commencement of Operation Al-Aqsa Tempest

According to international media reports, Palestinian resistance organization Hamas and others have announced Operation Al-Aqsa Tempest against Israel. During this operation, over 5,000 rockets have been fired from Gaza towards Israel, prompting concerns from the United Nations about potential humanitarian consequences and the safety of the affected population.

Infiltration into Israel and Capture of Israeli Forces

Multiple Palestinian militants have managed to infiltrate Israeli territory, where they are engaged in clashes with Israeli military forces on roads and streets. These militants have taken 57 Israeli soldiers as captives, and several Israeli military vehicles have also been seized. Furthermore, they have gained complete control over three out of seven sectors, a development that has been confirmed by an Israeli minister.

International Concern and Condemnation

The ongoing situation has raised significant concerns and condemnation at the international level. Not only is there apprehension within the Palestinian territories, but international stakeholders are also alarmed by the rapidly evolving events and their potential repercussions.


The initiation of Operation Al-Aqsa Tempest by Palestinian resistance organizations has heightened tensions and led to a significant loss of life and injuries. These developments are causing distress both within the region and among international actors. The need for a de-escalation of the situation and the prevention of further casualties and suffering is paramount.

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