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Honda Civic Price in Pakistan

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The Honda Civic has remained a beloved sedan in Pakistan for many years, boasting a dedicated fanbase who eagerly anticipate each new model release due to their deep appreciation for the driving experience it offers.

If you’re interested in the new Honda Civic 2023 and want to know more about its price and features in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll provide you with details about the Honda Civic 2023’s specifications.


The 2023 Honda Civic features an attractive design that exudes a modern and sophisticated aura, especially with its fresh front grille design. The front of the car boasts eye-catching daytime running lights that come with an auto-off timer for added convenience. When it comes to headlamps, the Standard and Oriel models come equipped with Halogen projector headlamps, while the RS variant sets itself apart with its impressive LED headlamps.

Notably, the Civic RS variant takes it a step further by incorporating automatic headlights, auto headlight adjustment, and auto high beam capabilities. These advanced features ensure a smooth and convenient driving experience, particularly during nighttime journeys.

Furthermore, all versions of the Honda Civic come with basic features that enhance its attractiveness. These include a one-touch lane winker, side mirrors with integrated turn signals, stylish lens-type tail lamps, electrically adjustable door mirrors, and remote-retractable mirrors. These thoughtful additions not only enhance the Civic’s visual appeal but also contribute to its overall usability and user-friendly design.


In the Honda Civic’s Standard and Oriel versions, the steering wheel features electric power steering and is wrapped in a comfortable urethane material, providing a comfortable and responsive driving experience. On the other hand, the RS variant adds a touch of luxury with its leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Every variant of the Civic comes with a steering wheel that offers both tilt and telescopic adjustments, allowing you to find the most comfortable driving position. Additionally, practical steering switches are conveniently located within easy reach, providing effortless access to various controls while driving.

To enhance its technological appeal, a 7-inch TFT multi-information instrument display is elegantly positioned behind the steering wheel, providing essential driving information at a glance.

Inside the cabin, the seats are adorned with premium fabric, seamlessly combining comfort and style. These seats offer height adjustment, allowing you to achieve the perfect seating posture, and they also feature back pockets for added convenience.

Moreover, the Civic includes front and rear armrests designed to house cup holders, ensuring that your beverages are easily accessible during your journeys.

Standard features across all variants include power windows and door locks, making it easy to control access and ventilation within the car. Interior lighting adds to the welcoming ambiance by illuminating the cabin.

Additional features include a front USB port, trunk lid lining, self-opening trunk, and trunk hinge cover, all of which enhance the practicality and aesthetic appeal of the Civic.

The Honda Civic has remained a cherished sedan in Pakistan for many years, boasting a committed fanbase who eagerly anticipate every new version launch because of their deep appreciation for the using experience it gives. If you are interested by the new Honda Civic 2023 and want to know more about its price and functions in Pakistan, you’ve got come to the right area. Below, we will offer you with details about the Honda Civic 2023’s specifications.

Honda Civic Price

The Honda Civic 2023 is priced between PKR 85 lakhs and PKR 102 lakhs in Pakistan. Keep in mind that these prices may vary slightly depending on factors like location, dealership, and optional features or packages selected.

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