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Hareem Shah leaked unseen videos of Maryam Nawaz?

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On Thursday, a well-known TikTok personality named Hareem Shah made a serious accusation. She claimed that Maryam Nawaz, who holds a high-ranking position in the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and is its chief organizer, is overseeing the operation of what she calls “torture cells” in various cities.

According to Hareem Shah, these facilities are used to unlawfully detain innocent individuals and subject them to acts of torture.

Hareem Shah shared this allegation in a video on her social media account. She also announced her plan to hold a press conference in the United Kingdom (UK) in the coming days. During this press conference, she intends to reveal information about those responsible for her husband’s alleged abduction and the location where he was held.

In addition to accusing Maryam Nawaz of involvement in her husband’s abduction, Hareem Shah released a video discussing Captain (retd) Safdar’s supposed second wife. She went on to claim that certain individuals within the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) were connected to this case.

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Hareem Shah emphasized that no one has the right to kidnap her family members, friends, or her husband, especially when they have nothing to do with her actions. She stated that she possesses three videos related to Maryam Nawaz and believes her husband was kidnapped to prevent these videos from being made public. Now, she intends to share these videos with the public.

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