Dream to take Pakistan’s flag to space

In a groundbreaking development, Pakistan’s inaugural female astronaut, Namira Salim, is gearing up for an historic expedition into space.

Salim is scheduled to commence her celestial voyage on October 5th, marking a remarkable achievement in the country’s space exploration initiatives.

Speaking from the space agency’s headquarters, Namira Salim conveyed her enduring passion for space exploration, a passion she has nurtured since her early years.

“Since childhood, I have been captivated by the enigmatic cosmos, nurturing a dream of becoming an astronaut,” she revealed.

Along her journey, she confronted a multitude of challenges and obstacles, demonstrating remarkable courage. “I encountered numerous hurdles, but I confronted them all with bravery and unwavering determination,” she asserted.

In a compelling message to women across the globe, Salim encouraged them to steadfastly pursue their aspirations.

As Namira Salim readies herself for her cosmic odyssey, she imparts a powerful message to all.

With the countdown to her space mission underway, Namira Salim extends her gratitude to her fellow countrymen for their steadfast support.

Pakistan anxiously anticipates this momentous expedition, as one of its own prepares to reach out to the stars.

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